Should you be using social media to market your practice?


In a word: ‘yes’. Modern social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn have fast become focal points for online conversation. More than that, they have evolved into ‘recommendation engines’, the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth.
Typically, when people want to find information they search for it. But social media destinations like Facebook and Twitter also thrive on shared links, which can direct people to content, people and businesses that they wouldn’t ordinarily have found via Google.
This is how people could find you and your private practice. To get noticed in this digital world, you’ve got to be visible where potential customers/clients can see you. It’s why social media shouldn’t be ignored – or feared.
Just take a look at the stats. According to a survey by PR firm UMPF (

  • Over 50% of UK pensioners say that they use Facebook
  • 37.4 million UK adults regularly use Facebook
  • 32.1 million UK adults watch video content on YouTube
  • 15.5 million UK adults use Twitter

Here are a few tips about the most popular social media platforms. Try not to feel overwhelmed – you can always start with one and see how you get on.
Twitter (
Twitter is a great platform for sharing your own content and connecting with like-minded people. By finding and ‘following’ other private practitioners you can plug into a digital world of information and conversation. Get started by following The Private Practice Hub!
Facebook (
It’s the biggest social network on the planet with over 500 million users worldwide. Facebook allows you to create a ‘company page’, where you can promote your private practice, share news and connect with potential clients. We’re on there too!
Google+ (
Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook. It’s very similar to Facebook in that you can add a company page for your private practice. It’s not (yet) as popular, but is great for SEO purposes. And yes, you can find The Private Practice Hub on Google+, too!
LinkedIn (
LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network, which you can use to connect with colleagues, fellow private practitioners and business clients. You can have a personal profile and a company page – you can even start your own group and invite others to take part in discussions.
Got any thoughts about using social media to promote your therapy business? Is there anything that you don’t understand? Leave us a comment below.