How to deal with the non-paying client


When we ask private practitioners about their least favourite task, they nearly always say the same thing: “chasing unpaid bills”.
How to deal with the non-paying clientIt’s one of the pitfalls of sending invoices, and is one reason why some practitioners prefer to ask for money up front. However, sending invoices can streamline your record-keeping, simplify your accounts, and is often the only way that business clients will work with you.
Inevitably, you’ll come up against a client who habitually pays late or, worst of all, doesn’t pay at all.
The thought of taking a client to court is particularly terrifying to some practitioners. However, the good news is that this is the last resort. There are lots of steps you can take both before and after you send an invoice, that will make sure you get paid before going to court.
We’ve written an article about how to deal with bad debts at the Private Practice Hub. We hope you find it useful.
We’d also like to hear from you – do you always ask for payment up front? Have you had to deal with a non-paying client? Do you have any questions about invoicing? Share your experiences below.