How many clients should you see in a week?


It’s one of your key decisions. How many clients should you see in a week?
For those just starting out, it’s tempting to say ‘as many as possible’. But that’s not practical, and not realistic. Thinking carefully about this topic is vital if you want your therapy business to be a success.
Your decision will be influenced by the following factors. Consider each carefully before you make your decision:
1. Revenue
How many clients will you need to see in order to make enough revenue? Take into account how much you plan to charge for each session, what your expenses will be, and how much you’d like to earn.
2. Non-billable tasks
When you run your own business, especially if you’re a sole trader, you’ll be responsible for more non-billable tasks than you expect. From admin to marketing, accounts to business planning, you’ll need to allow enough time for these non-billable tasks. You won’t be able to see thirty or forty clients per week unless you work day and night!
3. Client management
Similar to the point above, this is a non-billable task that you may not have considered. One client session could involve more than just the 30 or 50 minutes or an hour when they’re with you. You may spend time planning for each session, making notes, dealing with satisfaction questionnaires, and so on. You may also need to make sure that sessions have at least a fifteen minute break in between so that clients don’t bump into each other.
4. Quality of care and your professional well-being
How many clients can you realistically see without suffering from ‘burnout’? Your work is likely to be emotionally and mentally draining. You will want to provide the same high quality of care to each and every client, and if your professional well-being suffers through overwork, so will that quality of care. Make sure you don’t overbook yourself and take on too much.

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Over to you
Do you see a set number of clients each week? Or do you find yourself accepting every booking? Let us know here.