Credit card payments – yes or no?


How do your clients pay for their sessions?
In our experience, most therapists accept cash, cheque or bank transfer, but not credit card payments.
That’s because taking payments by credit card can seem a big step – and even a waste of time. Many small businesses are worried about set up costs, admin, fees, and paperwork. And, would we really lose clients by not doing so? Probably not.
However, there are some arguments ‘for’ accepting credit card payments:
1. How often has a client failed to attend their appointment? DNAs (do not attends) can be extremely frustrating. If you ask for credit card details up front as part of your terms and conditions, you can either request full payment in advance, or charge at least a nominal fee for DNAs.
2. Dealing with cash or cheques can be a pain. If you don’t get a chance to go to the bank regularly, you’ll soon have cash flow problems. And cheques can contain errors or may even bounce.
3. Paying by credit card can be more convenient for clients. They may not like to carry cash around with them, and many won’t have used a cheque for years!
4. Clients can leave their credit card details ‘on file’ with you, meaning that you can charge them at the end of each session without having to ask for payment again and again. This is a real timesaver and less hassle for you and your clients.
Your next steps
If looking into credit card payments is a daunting prospect, don’t be put off. There are many quick and easy options available that will get you up and running in no time. Some people are worried about the fees, but these are usually minimal.
If you’d like to look into this further, here are just some of the options…

Your bank may also offer a credit card payment service, so it’s well worth asking them first.
Tell us what you think
Do you accept credit card payments – and are you pleased you took that step? What processing service do you use? Are there any downsides? Tell us about it here.