Can you be sure you never miss a call?


If you’re in private practice you’ll know how difficult it can be to juggle client appointments with the general demands of running and managing your own business.

Clients have high expectations of the very best care and expertise combined with first rate customer service. Every telephone call coming in to your business is important, whether it be from an existing client, a new enquiry or in an emergency; yet with busy diaries and heavy caseloads can you be sure you are capturing every call coming in and making the most of every opportunity?

Angela Turner, Director and Company Secretary of Counselling Works, a growing organisation with offices in Milton Keynes and Bedford offering a full range of counselling services to individuals, couples and corporate clients, explains how they went about tackling the issue:

“We knew we needed support with our phone calls as there were times when we were struggling to answer them, for example, when staff were in appointments or on the move, at busy times of day and to cover holidays, lunchtimes and absences. We also needed our calls to be answered from 8.30am to 8pm.

We did some research on who may be able to help us and found Moneypenny, the UK’s largest telephone answering service. Having tried another company before, we were immediately impressed with the very personal nature of Moneypenny’s service, to the point that we have had the same Moneypenny Receptionist, Nicola, for more than 10 years. For those occasional times when Nicola is not available we have the reassurance that she has a small team around her that also knows us and takes calls in her absence so we have all bases covered.

“By the nature of what we do, it is essential that our receptionist understands our business and the types of calls we are likely to receive. Many calls are of course sensitive and Nicola, although not based in our office, is absolutely in tune with us and is an integral part of our team, taking overflow calls for us every day.

“We never have to worry if we are away from the office, knowing that Moneypenny will handle the calls and link the call directly to us if it is urgent. Also, if there is an issue anytime with an appointment, Moneypenny will patch us through to the client immediately so we can talk to them directly to reassure them of the arrangement.

“I would recommend this type of support to others in private practice. It makes for a professional impression every time and you are charged purely on the number of calls taken. In obtaining new business contracts I can say with justification and pride that we use an award-winning telephone answering service, so all our calls are answered immediately. It makes a big difference.”

Stephanie Vaughan Jones, Channel Manager for Moneypenny and its sister product Penelope, which is a virtual phone system in your pocket for small businesses, adds: “Successfully handling inbound telephone calls is an important factor in providing a positive client experience and critical for overall business success.

“Both Moneypenny and Penelope support an ever-growing number of private practices that can achieve the win-win of lower costs and improved service.”

Offer for members

Moneypenny are offering a two week free trial of their services to Private Practice Hub members. You can access the offer here.