Opportunity for psychologists to work with a challenging client group…


Press release:

StopSO is a new organisation to Stop Sexual Offending. StopSO is  a UK network of therapists, psychologists, and doctors willing to work with those who have committed sexual offences, and their families, so there is somewhere for them to go to get help. We are also happy to work with those who consider themselves at risk of committing a sexual offence.  

Please check out our website www.stopso.org.uk  This website is for clients who want to contact us, and also for therapists and professionals willing to work with this client group.  It is also for those interested in training courses put on by StopSO; and all professionals who might want to join our google support group (which is for professionals working with clients in this area).

If you want to become a member and make yourself available as a therapist, psychologist or doctor, to see clients, there is an application form on the join our therapists network page on the website.   You pay nothing to join initially, and when we refer the first client to you, then you pay £50 for that years’ membership (or part of the year) and then £50 per annum after that. 

If you would like to be kept posted about training courses, look on the training page to sign up. 

If you want to join but cannot do so now, either because of lack of time, because you don’t yet meet our criteria, or for some other reason, let us know on thetherapists referring clients page.

Juliet Grayson runs personal development groups specifically for this client group, using the Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor.  It is held in South Wales.   Have a look at the webpage called PBSP group work.  It is open to those at risk of sexual offending or re-offending, and also other volunteers who want to see the method.  

Please tell all your colleagues about this website and get those who are willing to join our list of therapists who are willing to do this work. 

As I see it, if we work with one perpetrator, we can prevent several – or even many – victims.  

Juliet Grayson

Chair of StopSO