What value do you place on a new enquiry?


Few businesses can afford to miss telephone calls and for busy practitioners, spending their working days in and out of clinic, capturing all incoming enquiries is a familiar challenge.
Gordon Matthews is co-founder and therapist at The Clerkenwell Group, incorporating City of London Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Consulting Rooms for Hire. His business is one of many in the private practice sector recognising the benefits of telephone answering support, to not only improve operational efficiency, but the entire client experience.
Using hypnotherapy to help clients find a new way forward in life, for self-confidence, stopping smoking, weight control, curing phobias, improving relationships and so much more, the Group, comprising 30 individual private practitioners, uses NLP, EFT and a range of other techniques, with all appointments held in their central London premises.
Gordon explains how engaging with telephone answering specialist Moneypenny now ensures the business never misses a call, while the personal touch in answering telephone calls whatever the time of day (or night) is making all the difference:
“Our business model is unusual in that we work with so many different practitioners; coaching and guiding clients by offering a variety of therapeutic techniques across disciplines.
“For too long we juggled with telephone answering, determined not to rely on an answering machine and trying to answer all calls ourselves in between client appointments. It was totally impractical and just wasn’t working. We realised there were too many either not being answered by the right person or worse, not being answered at all.
“It’s a big step for a person to make contact with us so it’s vital we make the experience as comfortable and straight-forward as possible. From a business perspective we have to seize every opportunity, particularly as we have a 95% conversion rate from first enquiry to callers becoming clients.
“Back in 2011 we looked around for an answering service and came across Moneypenny which takes care of calls for businesses of all sizes. We took advantage of a free trial and were immediately shocked at how many calls we were actually missing – around 60 a month, the majority new enquiries.
“We immediately signed up for the service and liked the idea of charges being based solely on call volume as this meant we had all bases covered without the overhead of employing someone to take calls, regardless of whether the phone was ringing. We looked at having calls answered 24/7 as we do receive occasional calls out of hours and were impressed with the way Moneypenny handles this – by sending experienced UK staff to New Zealand on the other side of the world, to take UK overnight calls during their daytime, all bright and breezy!
“So, our Moneypenny Receptionist Denise, with her small team of three others beside her, handles all calls coming in on our main business line during the day, with Moneypenny in New Zealand seamlessly picking up the rest. Denise takes messages and texts them over so we can call back as soon as we are able to and for the room hire side of the business, she takes an email address along with a contact number so we can send out any necessary information.
“We purposefully don’t have a reception desk in our practice as we don’t want to add in that whole dimension of another person in between a client and their therapist, so telephone contact and the way that’s handled is so important. It’s about first impressions as once a client meets their therapist they communicate directly with each other.
“In everything we do we try and think about what kind of experience we would like ourselves and having a friendly and understanding voice at the end of the line on every call is always very high on our list. Working with Moneypenny has enabled us to achieve this.”
Stephanie Vaughan Jones, Channel Manager for Moneypenny and its sister product Penelope, which is a virtual phone system in your pocket for small businesses, adds: “We are working with an ever-growing number of private practitioners with dedicated receptionists in place supporting the needs of the sector as part of our wider healthcare team. They are highly familiar and in tune with the nature of the calls practices receive and, not only help to create a great impression, but also provide the cost effective solution practices are looking for.”
You can get a two week free trial of Moneypenny’s services through the Private Practice Hub. Find out what’s involved and request your free trial here.