Spotlight on Buddy App for therapists


The Private Practice Hub has carried out lots of reviews, covering a range of topics including practice management software, web designers, encryption software and a number of therapy apps.
From time to time we’ll be placing a spotlight on some of the very best, starting with Buddy – an award winning app for therapists. It’s suitable for both ‘talking’ and physical therapists, and is used by several NHS trusts.

About Buddy

Buddy is a simple and totally confidential way for your clients to keep a diary of their daily life in between sessions. With access to their unique account, your client will receive a reminder text each day asking them what they are doing, or how their day has been. They can easily reply to this text, building up an invaluable, secure digital diary that is shared only with yourself.
Your client will also receive a reminder text the day before their appointment encouraging them to go online and read their digital diary so that they are prepared for the session. There is so much more to this process, which you can find out by watching the video guide on the Buddy website.
Buddy has a host of other features, including clinical notes and remote live chat (should you wish to carry out a telephone session). The very best way to find out about Buddy is by trying it out – and you can do that free of charge for 60 days, without any obligation.
Remember – all information is held securely in the UK, encrypted, and remains totally confidential. It meets NHS information governing standards and is HIPPA compliant. Buddy can provide full information about their privacy policy to you.
Buddy is very easy to use and you will fully appreciate its features once you try it. You can try it out for 60 days with no obligation here.
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