Bach Flower Therapy


Dr Edward Bach discovered how to extract a flower’s essence and dilute it for therapeutic use. The cells in our body respond to this essence which contributes to healing and balancing our emotions.

The vibrational impact of the flower heals and calms our mood which cannot be detected through chemical tests. Bach flower essences should be used little and often and used for therapy in the following ways:

  • Dropped in water to be sipped every so often
  • Dropped on the tongue or temples and wrists
  • Used in massage oils or bath water

Methods of creating flower essences for Bach flower therapy:

  1. The Sun Method: In the spring and summer, starting at 9 AM, flower heads are left to float on top of water in direct sunlight for three hours and then removed. The water is filtered and in this state is called ‘mother tincture’ and is added to the same volume of brandy. This tincture is diluted further for therapeutic use.
  2. The Boiling Method: For early blooming flowers, a boiling method is used. 10 parts water are used to boil 1 part flowers. This liquid is then filtered, mixed with brandy and diluted with ethanol.

Bach flower therapy facilitates the release of the body’s energy in order to allow the body to heal. It is not an absolute substitute for medicinal prescriptions or psychotherapy but should work as a component of treatment.

Essences are either chosen for the client through intuition or alongside the descriptions of which essences are suited to particular problems.