Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT)


Emotional freedom therapy (EFT) believes that emotional and physical discomforts are caused by an unbalanced energy system within our body and therefore unblocking these disruptions can relieve the client of such pain. EFT aims to regulate the client’s emotions but not diminish them entirely.

Practitioners tap along the client’s meridian points with their own fingers to release energy disturbances whilst keeping the client’s mind in focus. Intensity of the tapping and the amount of sessions that a client receives depends on the intensity of pain or problem that they suffer from.

‘Tapping’ routines can vary widely between those learnt at home and those performed by a skilled practitioner. Some practitioners use EFT as part of their set of skills while others specialise solely in EFT. For intense treatment, a client may insist on seeing proof of professional training in the form of an EFT certificate.

Emotional freedom therapy is used to treat a range of emotional and physical issues including:

  • trauma
  • addiction
  • weight loss
  • anger and depressed mood
  • low self-esteem and energy
  • performance fears and phobias
  • physical health problems such as asthma or headaches
  • insomnia

Is EFT effective?

EFT is a short-term therapy as it works quickly unless the client suffers from much more severe issues. Results are long-lasting and any further problems can be revisited with more treatment.