Where did they come from and where are they going? Computers and talk therapies in practice


The following article is part of a series written by Jeremy Allen. Jeremy is the Clinical Executive Consultant at Blue-Zinc IT, creators of Click practice management software.

It is believed that the abacus may have been invented as far back as 2400BC in Babylonia, and ever since then humans have tried to build machines to help them with their work! Move forward a few thousand years to the 19th century and Charles Babbage, an English mechanical engineer, originated the idea of a programmable computer (and there was me thinking that computers were modern!). Leap forward again and our old friend the mouse (so named because the tail came out the end) was created in 1964, and around the 1980’s Microsoft and Apple came to the scene. As we all know, ever since then technology has shaped everyone’s lives from shopping, booking holidays, to banking and of course social media.

As talk therapists you are probably more experienced with dealing with the side effects of all these changes, rather than the “tech” itself. Practitioners from all areas of healthcare often find embracing computers and software a real challenge. Over the years I’ve helped thousands of people from receptionists aged 80+ to reluctant practitioners all over the country take their first steps towards using technology and software to improve their practices. In the next couple of blogs I’m going to introduce how practice management software can help you but without all the technical jargon that can often be so …. Zzzzzzzz.

The very brief history above hopefully gently illustrates that there has always been change; it’s how you manage it that counts! For me the secret is to make sure that the technology you use helps make your life easier – it should be a labour saving device. For example, having a diary, clinical notes, letters, finance, reports and CPD all in one place makes perfect sense.

That’s why Blue-Zinc created Click, a product that is specific to the needs of the talk therapies profession, which is comprehensive and easy to use. We have listened to what is required and managed to put everything in one place. Click can be used on any device that can connect to the internet including smart phones. Yours and your patients’ data is securely stored so no worries about backing up or information being intercepted or altered.

There are a range of monthly packages to suit everyone and switching between them is simple too! Click is designed to be very intuitive and easy to use, but if you get stuck help is at hand. There’s a comprehensive knowledge base and, with online queries, an answer is only a click away. There’s no minimal contract and the information you put into the system always belongs to you and is really easy to get out if you need.

If you’d like to take a look there’s a free 30 day trial and the website offers friendly short videos on each of the key areas. There’s nothing to lose; take that first step and see where it leads!

The next couple of blogs will take each useful section and run through it for you illustrating the design and benefits which will help you run your practice.