Practice management software in action!


My first blog a few weeks ago mentioned where computers and software came from. For those of you who would like to know a very brief history you can read it via this link and amaze your friends around the dinner table with your new-found knowledge!
If you have decided to skip the previous blog and are wondering what this is all about … well in summary my name is Jeremy and I work for an IT company who have created Click, a product that will help you run your practice and make your life easier. It is specific to the needs of the talk therapies professions and easy to use. You can use Click on any device and all the information is securely stored.
I am delivering two webinars on Thursday 3rd March at 13.00hrs and 19.00 hrs. They will be around 30-45 minutes long with chances to ask questions via the chat function. So what are you waiting for?  Register now by clicking on the links below:
Click demo 13.00hrs
Click demo 19.00hrs
In the meantime let’s take a look at some exciting screen shots from inside Click itself to whet your appetite.
How can we make running your practice easier? Let’s start at the beginning with the simple to use homepage where at a single glance you can see exactly what is going on; from your upcoming appointments and number of clients to what money you are owed and even your CPD!
Click’s helpful homepage:

Click Diary: The diary is colourful and easy to use. You can book different types of appointments such as phone consultations or face to face meetings. Once a client has attended their session a simple “Click” creates all the finances in the background for you! That’s right – invoices and receipts will all be safely stored in one place so no more hunting around for bits of paper or confidential documents sitting on your computer desktop.

Click Contacts: All your client details can be in one safe secure place which you can access from anywhere. The client record will hold all the relevant information you need to make your life easier …. You can even email invoices and receipts directly.

So sign up for one of the webinars by clicking on one of the links below.                
Click demo 13.00hrs
Click demo 19.00hrs
Finance: Sometimes practitioners find finances in their practice a bit tricky, after all it’s not something anyone is taught whilst training! That’s why we have made them simple, straight forward and under one roof.

CPD: Create, enter and store your CPD in the same place. It’s easy to do in just three simple steps. Create a plan, find an event and add it to your CPD, simple!

Reports: And last but not least …. When you are Clicking buttons in the system on a day to day basis in the background information is stored for you and this means that it’s easy to then run reports if you want relating to client registrations, appointments and finances.

Hopefully that has got you interested! Why not register for one of the webinars on Thursday 3rd March at 13.00hrs and 19.00 hrs. They are only 30-45 minutes long and you will get the chance both to see it all working and to ask questions!
Click demo 13.00hrs
Click demo 19.00hrs