Take the hassle out of promoting your therapy business online with Bark


This article has been provided to us by Bark, online marketing specialists.

You can start growing your business with Bark today, completely free
The Internet can be a powerful tool for growing your business and getting new referrals. But, here at Bark, we believe that most therapists could be marketing their business online far more effectively.
According to last year’s Private Practice Hub survey, 73% of therapists have a website for their practice – 82% of which are updated regularly.
That’s certainly an encouraging statistic, but there’s actually a far easier way to grow your practice quickly and cheaply online:
With Bark, you don’t need to invest any extra time or money maintaining your online presence. You don’t need to spend ages posting on social media or churning out blog posts – and you don’t need to pour cash into expensive online marketing campaigns to make it work.
In fact, you’ll hardly need to do anything at all. Our service takes all the hassle out of promoting your business online – and, right now, we’d like to show you how you could start using it to contact potential clients today, completely free of charge.
Win more customers online without blogs, social media or expensive ad campaigns
People from all over the UK visit our site looking for therapists and other skilled professionals, and we match them with small businesses we think might be able to help.
“Our whole business model is about making it easier for people to find the pros they need online,” explains Bark Marketing Director John Oberlin-Harris. “We do all the legwork to find you clients, so you can focus on what really matters – helping people get better.”
To locate local people in need of your services, we invest heavily in marketing and advertising campaigns that target people searching online for therapists and psychoanalysts.
We’ll then alert you whenever someone in your area requests your services completely free of charge, so you can pick and choose the clients that are right for you.
“When you see someone you think you can help, you can send them a message to introduce yourself,” says John. “If the customer thinks you’re the right pro for them, they’ll then respond to you directly and offer you the job – and everything you make from their business is yours to keep.”
Our pros usually pay a small one-off fee to be introduced to each new client. But, if you register on our site within the next 14 days, we’ll make sure you can contact your first three potential clients on us.
That means you can start using Bark to grow your business online today without needing to spend a single penny.
Over 50,000 small businesses are already using our service to find new customers online, and we hope this exclusive special offer will mean that you can join them.
But remember, we’re only running this special introductory offer for the next 14 days – so if you’d like to claim your three complimentary introductions, you should do so right away using the link below.
Click here to start growing your business with Bark today.
If you have any further questions about how Bark works, or what we can do to help you grow your business, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email at team@bark.com.