The Departure of Two Key Members


September has been an upsetting month for the team members of the Private Practice Hub.
Firstly, Claire Mellor our fantastic content manager and general fount of all knowledge left the team to be able to spend more time with her family. Claire has been with the Private Practice Hub since day one and will be sorely missed. We cannot thank her enough for her dedication and conscientiousness over the years.
Our other loss was in the cat-form of Tag, whose official job title was General Manager. Unfortunately out of the blue Tag was diagnosed with kidney failure and had to bid her farewells. She could always be found on an office chair overseeing business or if not happy with proceedings would have no qualms in sitting on top of the computer keyboard. Tag even called one client 8 times through the computer but hadn’t quite mastered how to communicate with him! Life in the office will never be quite the same but Jaffa is doing well at stepping up.