Watch webcast: Top trends happening in health, fitness and well-being


Neil Fellowes, Founder of Total Wellness Club, hosted a very important webcast this morning discussing the top trends happening in health, fitness and well-being and how to use them in your marketing.
As part of the webcast, Neil interviewed Geoff Simons, Founder of Private Practice Hub, and industry expert who shared a new and exciting technology which is promising to make online therapy sessions more personal, engaging and effective through virtual eye-contact. You can read more about CatchEye in our previous blog post here.
If you missed the webcast, don’t worry. It’s now available to watch online.
Neil explored the trend towards sharing and learning communities and explained how therapists are potentially stepping over income by not building this into their business. Together with his second industry expert, Francesco Gatti from DNAFit, he also explored people’s search for uniqueness.
Catch up here.