Welcome to our new content manager


A little while back we said goodbye to Claire Mellor, our fantastic content manager and general fount of all knowledge, who had been with us since the very start of Private Practice Hub. While she is still sorely missed, we have been fortunate to welcome a new content manager on-board.

Cathrine Svendsen, Creative Director of Incognito Social, has joined the team and is working closely with our regular contributors, resident experts, advertisers and business partners alike to ensure the Private Practice Hub continues to deliver high quality news and thought-leadership articles to its members.
We have also launched a brand new brochure for businesses, event organisers and professional associations who would like to find out more about how the Private Practice Hub can help them gain awareness and more visibility through our network of 150,000+ UK therapists and coaches.
Keep an eye out for more updates as we continue to develop our three recently-launched resources, the Online Therapy Hub, the Private Coaching Hub and the Private Practice Hub TV Channel.