How to set up call diversions for your practice


Can you get to the phone every time it rings? Clinic Answer have written the following guide of how to divert your practice phone when you’re busy with clients.
At Clinic Answer we are often asked about how we work with our clinics and practitioners, but one of the most frequent question is how to divert calls when your phone line is busy or unattended. While you may not need our professional clinic answering services yet, you do need to be able to divert your calls to another phone number or mobile to avoid losing customers.
Diverting a phone number – landline or mobile – can seem daunting and too technical if you have never done it before. Actually, it’s very straight forward and practically takes seconds to activate and switch off.
Here is our quick guide on how to divert calls to your practice – they are aimed to walk you through the process of diverting from a BT Landline, which is the most popular divert. If you need to set up a different type of divert, then please feel free to contact us and we will help with any advice we can as we have assisted many clinics and practitioners over the years.
Firstly, call your local BT office if you have their number or call 0800 800 150 and follow the menu prompts/options to set up call your divert option. You will be prompted to say what you’re calling about. Simply say “call diversion” and from there the process is straight forward and can all be done in one go.
Don’t worry about taking up additional options, just advise you wish to only have a call diversion set up. BT should take approximately 2 working days to carry out your request. It costs around £6 per quarter and BT will add the charge to your existing phone bill.
That’s the hard bit done!
Once your divert has been activated, you will have full control and can divert your phone calls to another number (either landline or mobile) when your line is engaged, unanswered or, if no one’s in, for all incoming calls. It’s quick and easy to switch these options on and off, just take note of the codes below so you have them to hand when you need to change your settings
Here are the codes you need to enter on your phone to activate the diverts for ALL calls:
Pick up the phone.
Press * 21 *, enter the number that you are diverting your calls to and then press #
To check that it is on, press * # 21 #
To switch it off, press # 21 #
The following two diverts can be used together as they have separate, but complementary functions. One works when your phone is engaged, while the other will work when your phone rings unanswered for 15 seconds.
To divert calls that are unanswered in 15 seconds:
Press * 61 * enter the number that you are diverting to and then press #
To check that it is on, press * # 61 #
To switch it off, press # 61 #
To divert calls when your phone is busy:
(We recommend this option if the office is staffed)
Press * 67 * enter the number that you are diverting to and press #
To check that it is on, press * # 67 #
To switch it off, press # 67 #
You can and should always have both * 61 and * 67 diversions on together as this covers all eventualities. By using both you can still answer all calls that come through to your main number, with the reassurance that if you can’t get to the phone then your diversions will kick in and the call goes to your other chosen number.
The best part about call diversions when unanswered and when busy is that you can set them up and then completely forget about them as they only work when your line is unanswered or busy, so they won’t interfere with the calls you can take.
Of course, we should mention that if you ever need help with a professional PA answering your calls and booking your appointments then we would love to offer you a free one month trial.