Happy, prosperous new year – what’s your resolution?


Welcome to 2017!
It’s a new year and many of us will have set some fresh targets and aspirations for the next 12 months – things we want to achieve, new skills to learn, more time dedicated to admin or business development, better systems so we can be more efficient…
Our resolution is to spend even more time building up the Private Practice Hub resources to make it the ultimate online destination for practitioners looking to start or grow their own practice. Already we have pages and pages of targeted business advice, a very popular directory for finding and listing therapy rooms to rent, an overview of upcoming professional events and training, a dedicated hub for coaches, and a growing hub for online therapy practitioners. There’s something for everyone!
But we want to make it even more valuable to you.
So, if you have any burning questions (business or industry-related), please submit them to our Q&A section here. To contribute to the community with your professional experience, please consider submitting a guest blog to us by getting in touch here.
We are also looking for even more business partners and advertisers who would like to reach our targeted audience of therapists and coaches in private practice – the benefits are many and the sponsorship packages can be customised to suit your bespoke requirements – to help us keep this online community free. You can find out more about working together with us right here.
Now, 2016 was a very busy year for us and we launched several new resources, but we are now working hard to complete the UK’s first online directory of therapists, which will help people find local or online therapists and book appointments with them for free. We’re nearly ready for launch, so keep an eye out for our big announcement…