Win free tickets to the Physiotherapy Conference 2017: Stretching NHS Resources


As the NHS shifts towards a more sustainable and prevention based model of care, the University of Salford believe physiotherapists have a vital role to play in improving public health and easing the pressure on General Practice.
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy suggests that if just 20% of patients who attend GP appointments with muscular or skeletal complaints were able to refer themselves directly to a physio, it would save the NHS £525 million a year!
The University of Salford are hosting the Physiotherapy Conference 2017 on 19th April and will be gathering industry experts to discuss how the profession can meet the challenges and opportunities presented by changes in NHS policy and a renewed focus on public health. It will be a great opportunity to learn how physiotherapists can work closer with general practice and use their expertise to improve the health of the general public.
Confirmed speakers include Lesley Holdsworth, the Scottish Government Clinical Lead for eHealth; Dr Vicky Goodwin MBE PhD FCSP, Senior Research Fellow; and Sue Louth, Primary Care Workforce Development Lead for the NHS Salford.
Private Practice Hub are pleased to be working with the University of Salford on this event and would like to share the opportunity with our physiotherapy members. We have 25 free tickets to give away on a first-come, first-served basis. The only thing you need to do is email us from your registered Private Practice Hub email so we can verify that you are a member. If you are among the first 25, one of these tickets will be yours!
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