How to use video streaming for your practice


Live video streaming is the latest within online marketing and it can be especially effective for small businesses wanting to reach a larger audience and attract new clients. So how can therapists and private practices use video streaming?
Our business partner, Therapysites, have written a great guide to video streaming, which you can read here, or keep reading for some tips to get your video marketing started…
Video streaming is very versatile and can be used to showcase open and honest communication that will help you connect on a deeper level with both current and potential clients. Depending on how much time and resources you have, you can create a video series, offer one-on-one chats, hold professional Q&A sessions, conduct live interviews or cover an event.
Let’s start with creating a video series
As an ongoing project, this would be a good way to draw your viewers in repeatedly. They would get to know you and your practice a little bit better with every video. The challenge here is to carefully select a topic that your existing and potential clients would be interested in, and that ties in nicely with your professional expertise. Maybe do a bit of research among your clients before you start and see which events, blog posts or even special offers you have done which have proved to be the most popular?
Offering a one-to-one chat
To be clear, this is within the remit of online therapy, which you may want to spend more time considering and planning as it would be an additional service. Assuming you have looked into recommended professional qualifications and associations such as ACTO, professional-quality software for confidential video sessions, whether or not to charge and how to process online payments, one-to-one video chats can be a great way to introduce new clients and to follow-up with current clients. It can be used as an alternative to your more traditional sessions or to compliment them – it’s a good way for clients to fit sessions in when they cannot come in.
You can find more articles, software reviews and free resources on our sister site, the Online Therapy Hub.
Holding a professional Q&A session
If you time these right, they could be very effective in securing you new clients and giving your practice good exposure to your target audience. For example, if you are a physiotherapist hosting a live Q&A session on sports taping or stretching could be a great way to tap into a local sports event such as a city half marathon. The key is to choose a topic that clients will have lots of questions about and that can be run without too much prep on your part – you want it to be as natural and professional as possible.
Conducting live interviews
Gather some colleagues and professional peers or a known industry expert and host a live interview. This kind of video streaming can serve as free, high-quality information to engage your viewers and industry. You could discuss their work, industry developments, new research or a case study – the possibilities are endless. It’s the perfect platform for picking the brain of experts in your field or inviting to debate.
If you host your live interview on a platform that allows play-backs or recordings, you can make the video available later to viewers that were unable to make the live streaming. A great resource for your marketing-toolbox!
Cover a professional event
If you’re unable to generate your own content, you can use video streaming to showcase another brand’s content by offering to live-stream a professional event for those that are unable to make it in person. You may even find that this builds a strong relationship with the event host. Building partnerships with other complementary practitioners can help you create a network from which helpful ideas can be shared.
Live streaming can seem a little bit daunting at first, try focusing on one method and see how it goes. Measure the response of your audience to help you determine what works best for your practice. You can find special offers for video software from our business partners to ensure a high-quality video stream.
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