Videoing – who knew it could be such fun!


I am a Complementary Therapist based in Bath and offer massage and reflexology to my clients. I already have a website which provides lots of information about who I am and my services, and had thought about adding a video to my site for a while so potential clients would have a chance to find out more about me. Also, having “met” me online, I would hope that this would make potential clients feel more comfortable about booking a treatment with me.

When I was asked by Geoff at Private Practice Hub if I would like to work with Joanna Crosse at Go Get Organised and produce a short video for my website, my first thoughts were: “Am I good enough? What if I really can’t get my message out properly and forget what to say?” Having had a difficult experience at university having to be videoed and critiqued, I really didn’t want to have a similar experience so my initial response was that I would think about it and get back to Joanna.

However, Joanna suggested that we meet briefly so that she could explain more about the whole process, including her role, what to expect on the day and how to prepare for the video session. Her positivity, coaching and belief in me changed my mind and I nervously agreed to go ahead!

Joanna sent me a comprehensive email with some guidance notes to help prepare for the session and encouraged me to think about some answers to questions that may get asked. Just going through this process made me feel more comfortable as I could do some preparation beforehand.

On the day of filming I must admit I felt a little bit nervous, but on arrival Joanna and Luke made me feel completely at ease. Joanna had already explained what to expect and when I sat down in front of the camera, I was facing her and Luke was in the background filming so it was easy to forget the camera was there. Joanna’s friendly interviewing style felt like I was having an informal chat with a friend, and at no point did I feel awkward, despite being a little bit nervous about answering the questions. The coaching beforehand really helped and the interview flowed nicely. The whole process took less than half an hour including one or two re-takes for a couple of questions and I am really pleased with the final result. The 3 minute clip is informative, I come across as friendly and professional and I was pleased to add the video to my professional website.

If you had asked me when I first started my business a few years ago if I would consider being interviewed and having a video on my site, the answer would have been an emphatic “No!”. However, with Joanna’s expert coaching and preparation and Luke’s calm approach, this really helped and now I am the proud owner of a lovely video that I can use on my site and on my social media accounts – thank you so much!

As a Complementary Therapist I highly recommend having a video available on your site so that potential clients can find out more about you. Joanna and Luke will work with you to produce a high quality professional video that you can be proud of!

Anne-Marie Rose – Founder, Rose Holistic Treatments