The Business of Therapy – your questions answered at COPA 2017


Why did you start your own practice? How did you successfully build and grow your clinic? Which marketing tools did you find the most useful? How can you make the most out of your working hours?
These were only some of the questions that were covered at COPA 2017. As you may have seen in the lead-up to the two-day conference, the Private Practice Hub were invited to hold two talks on the business of therapy. We wanted our talks to reflect our website and the work we do helping practitioners demystify the business-side of running a health business, so we asked a few good friends to take part in a panel discussion – all either working within clinics or alongside them as specialist suppliers.
Our thanks go out to all our expert speakers, but also, notably, to Joanna Crosse who chaired both panels on our behalf and did a brilliant job representing us on the day!
Joanna and her cameraman Luke filmed the panelists both days. Despite tough working conditions with a full-packed audience in a large open space at a thriving event, we think they managed to capture the atmosphere very well! Watch the short videos in full.
(If you’re interested in the work Joanna and Luke do, take a look at the new video offer they have just launched where therapists can get a professional, high-quality video for their website.)
On day 1, we were joined on stage by Dr Carole Francis-Smith, a BPS chartered counseling psychologist with a special interest in online therapy, and Nick Jervis who is a non-practicing solicitor and marketing specialist for service businesses.
While on day 2 our expert panel consisted of Chris Munro, managing director of Clinic Answer whose telephone answering PAs specialise in working with health businesses, and Helen Bullen, an experienced osteopath with a large multi-healthcare clinic that she set up and built from 0 to 4000+ clients.
We had a very busy two days at COPA 2017, meeting other practitioners, listening to great talks and exploring the latest within technology and key industry developments, and we already look forward to next year’s event!