Thriva for specialists


Thriva is a fast-growing UK company that could change the way you work for the better. Following a successful launch in June 2016, they are quickly becoming the leading at-home blood testing company in the UK.
They initially launched with a consumer product that offers the ability to test for: cholesterol, iron, liver function, vitamin D, vitamin B12, HbA1c and thyroid function, across a variety of test packages with prices ranging from £39, but they quickly realised that many of their customers were practitioners purchasing tests for their clients. To facilitate this need, a new product was developed…
Thriva for specialists lets you easily arrange and manage a wide variety of health tests, all carried out by our CPA accredited partner labs. Track clients’ results over time and provide advice, all through your online dashboard. The simplest and most convenient way to manage the entire testing process with your clients.
With Thriva for Specialists you can:
-Access affordable and convenient testing for your clients.
-Choose from pre-made panels or create your own.
-Keep up to date with your clients’ progress during the testing process.
-Provide detailed feedback via the reporting interface or wait to release the results until after a consultation.
It’s completely free to create an account and, as a special offer, Thriva are offering Private Practice Hub members a free first test! To claim the offer, create an account and then email with your code: PPHFREE.
Head to their website for more information and to create your free account today.
They also have a subscription package, Baseline, which sees a test being sent out every three months to measure Cholesterol, Liver function, Iron and Vitamin D.