How to choose a training company


When selecting a training company, it is important to find the one that’s right for you.  If you know you are going to get the training and support you require to realise your goal then you will be more focussed and committed to attaining that goal.
This guide written by Ian Jefferis at Noble Manhattan helps you ask the right questions so that you can decide what is right for you. While it is written for prospective coach trainees, either as a ’first string’ to a bow or additional strings in support of therapy provision, it is pertinent to any professional training.
End result. (Start with the end in mind) – What is the qualification?  Is it measurable? Is it recognised? Does it achieve your goal? You don’t need any qualifications to call yourself a coach….. but professional accreditation demonstrates to prospective clients the coach’s standard of training, experience, currency and adherence to rules and ethics.
Is the course externally accredited? What is the status of the accrediting body? It is important that your training has been assessed as suitable by an external authority.  Some training companies ‘accredit’ themselves which, quite frankly, is meaningless. Formal accredited training demonstrates independent checking and adherence to best practice.
How long will the course take? Are there any additional requirements to achieve your required status?  Some courses are very intensive, others you can proceed at your own pace. What happens if you cannot keep up? All accredited courses will require some demonstrable form of knowledge gained (essays, assignments, course workbook etc).
Type of learning – classroom/ distance/ internet supported/mix (blended). Which best suits you?
Physical attendance – are there any classroom periods/days?  If so, Where? When? What if you cannot attend a session (eg. sickness, clash of priorities)?
Training Support
During course. What support is available? Course advisors? Named individuals? Mentors?
On completion. Is there a graduate support facility?  Is there business development support?
Ease of upgrading (if available). Can you start on a simpler course before committing to a higher level one?
How big is the company? How long has it been established?  Is it a single country company or multi-national? Does it matter?…… The important thing is to choose a company that you can trust and that you feel would suit you. Personal recommendation is a great help.
Fees What do the fees cover?  Are there any discounts? Are there any charges/travel and accommodation costs to consider? Is VAT included? Will you require additional training to attain your goal? Look for ‘best overall value’ (it may not be the cheapest).
Payment plan –  Is there a payment plan? If so, can it be tailored to your needs? What is the interest rate (if any)? Look for a plan that suits you.
Testimonials.  Finally and most importantly, what do others think?  Are published testimonials (relatively) in date?
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