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Many therapists don’t get excited by marketing and it’s often viewed as ‘a necessary evil’. Therapists can think that marketing is confusing and complicated – questions like where do you start with SEO, what do you say on Social Media and how do you get referrals from networking all compound that confusion.
But Neil Fellowes can help cut through that confusion and offer you golden nuggets of advice and guidance on marketing your business with a new free webinar starting at 9am on 14th September 2017.
Entrepreneur Neil Fellowes has mentored over 250 well-being businesses and he works in the sector himself. He’s worked with start-ups all the way through to multi-million pound organisations. He says, ‘Wellness professionals often tell me they are stuck with a certain aspect of marketing, but it’s usually very simple to fix.
With social media the problem is what to say and how to engage people. It’s a similar problem with networking. Most wellness professionals don’t understand SEO and therefore never get started. Even those who do invest in SEO often feel disappointed in the results.’
Over the last 15 years Neil and his wife Jo invested heavily in trying and testing many marketing systems. They know what works and what doesn’t and can therefore give their clients systems that they’ve already road-tested.
‘I was never satisfied with telling someone to go and do something I hadn’t tried. A lot of mentors do that, but I like to give a client an email that got me results or talk them through a process step by step. But even that isn’t satisfying enough for me.’
How to serve the client’s needs
Neil continues, ‘With health, people come to a professional say, “Please fix me”. They come for the whole package of mind, body and spirit. They are often desperate and vulnerable. It takes a lot of courage for them to go outside of the NHS, especially if their GP frowns on alternative therapy. Because of this, when they consider working with you, they must feel that they can trust you, that you are credible and that you have some level of authority.’
Your biggest problem in marketing your practice is creating that trust, credibility, and authority.
Neil says, ‘I’ve build a system where a wellness professional can commit to doing just one thing, and from that one thing, create trust, authority and credibility. I’ve created something that funnels through recommendations and referrals. It fuels SEO and builds client stories. It also feeds PR and social media content and can win awards. All this gives the professional an edge and builds trust, credibility and authority.’
Neil’s going to show you his system in a free webinar series starting on 14th September. He’s going to condense marketing down to ONLY ONE TO DO, making your marketing easier and quicker.
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