Why self-care matters in the therapy industry


Those of us working in the well-being sector are generally here for one reason – we love helping people. As therapists, our aim is to help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Everything we do from seeing clients to sending out motivational quotes on social media has this primary goal.
If we’re not careful, this can lead to empathy burnout. As natural healers and helpers, a lot of our time is spent listening to our clients and what’s concerning them. While this is imperative to the work we do, protecting our own energies and well-being is important too.
Think about it – what are you doing to help yourself?
When we neglect our own well-being, our health suffers. We lack energy and feel fatigued, becoming more susceptible to stress. Everything becomes a chore and we feel less able to cope with our clients concerns, lacking the head-space we so desperately need. We may even become ill and need to take time off work.
And of course, when running your own practice, this can all take its toll.
By nurturing our own health and wellness we are leading by example. We are more energised and capable. We are able to give our clients 100%.
So, how do we do this? Self-care is a term we keep hearing at the moment, but for good reason – we need reminding! Here are some practical tips to help you improve your self-care practice:
– Write tomorrow’s to-do list before you leave ‘work mode’. This should help to calm any after-work racing thoughts.
– Schedule relaxation time. This could be meditation, journalling, going for a walk or simply reading. Schedule it like an appointment.
– Connect with yourself regularly. Check in with how you’re feeling often, self-awareness is key to wellness.
– Don’t take work home with you. Set some work boundaries (such as “I will not work past 6:00pm” or “I will attend yoga class every Wednesday morning”) and fit your business hours around that.
The work/life balance can get very tricky to navigate when working as a therapist, so be sure to reassess your work boundaries often, check in with yourself and prioritise self-care, for the sake of your health and your business.
Here at Therapy Directory, we believe everyone deserves health and happiness. Whether you are going through a difficult time, lacking self-love or living with a health condition, it can be easy to brush concerns like this under the carpet. While we all have our own ways of coping, having access to information about complementary and alternative therapies can be hugely helpful.
To get you started on your wellness journey, we have included everything we wish we’d had access to when taking our first steps to health and happiness, including –
– A nationwide database of qualified therapists
– A Therapy Directory policy. This means all professionals are checked to ensure they provide evidence of qualifications or membership with a professional body before they can be listed with us, so you can be sure of contacting a credible professional.
– A detailed library of fact-sheets featuring useful information about various therapies available. Here you can learn more about how these types of therapies can benefit you on your journey.
– An FAQs section that looks to answer any questions you may have.
– An advanced search tool, which allows you to filter your therapist search according to your needs and location.
– Recent news and Expert articles, where you can find inspirational and informative posts about holistic healing and well-being.
– A local events section where you can find various workshops and courses to further your learning.
– Member profiles – our members pack their profiles full of information including background, fees, specialities and availability. This allows you to learn more about them and how they work before making contact.
Register with Therapy-Directory today and you too could benefit from ALL of the above! Take advantage of a great discount as a Private Practice Hub member.
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