Noble Manhattan Coaching Continues Market Leadership in Coaching with New Online Courses


With two new courses coming in Spring 2018, Noble Manhattan is driving forward and leading the marketing in coaching learning and development. The new courses are:
Doctorate/PhD in Professional Coaching
During 2017 we’ve been negotiating with two universities to set up doctorates in professional coaching. We’re finalising plans to start the courses in March or April 2018.  Both courses will be based on a 3-year distance learning model with a ‘Masters in Passing’.
School Coach Diploma 
This new Diploma is based on Noble Manhattan Coaching’s Practitioner Coach Diploma with additional training relating to school and student environments.  The course is ideal for those working in the sector and others who want to diversify or enhance their current remit. The programme starts in January 2018 and you can register your interest now in either (or both!) of these opportunities. Contact
Wellbeing is a hot topic
Last month the Department of Work and Pensions published the results of a review into mental health of employees.  It found that up to 300,000 people with long term mental health problems leave their jobs each year. The cost of this in workforce turnover and support is significant both for companies and for the UK. The workforce requires resilience and the ability to cope with life. But the report demonstrates the need to solve the problem now if future generations are going to be ready to ‘step up to the plate’.
So, what has this to do with coaching in schools?  Well, apart from teachers and other school staff being included in the statistics above, prevention is always better than cure. We need to ensure that students’ “niggles” and concerns are tackled at an early stage before they escalate into more serious issues. There is a need to prepare the next generation to better cope with the stresses and strains that come with change and instantaneous communications. With the current progression of technology, these pressures will only increase further.
To develop an efficient, cost effective solution, Noble Manhattan Coaching has been working with the School Performance and Wellbeing Alliance (SPWA). They’ve developed a hierarchical training strategy based on Noble Manhattan Coaching’s fully accredited Practitioner Coach Diploma and Certificate courses along with a comprehensive set of tools to cover 3 areas:
A framework and tools for teaching coping mechanisms that follow through the school years
A coaching funnel to identify and help students at an early stage, which escalates more serious issues to higher levels of coaching, counselling and other pastoral intervention as needed
A structure of reporting to generate research data.
If this is something you’d like to know more about and to pay 2017 prices for your 2018 course, contact now!