What are the benefits of networking to your business?


Networking is like a dirty word for some people and whilst it’s become the norm in the business world, this is perhaps less true in the therapy world but networking can really help you to develop and grow your business and support SMEs in your network too.
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I developed Therapy Network Events with the view to increasing sales for all of the members. This is achieved by referring new clients to each other but more importantly, the group aims to offer genuine support to all its members.
Being self employed and working on a one-to-one basis with clients can be isolating, so the group offers a safe and confidential environment you to share your work with other professionals who understand the ups and downs of working solo in the business of therapy.
It’s also an opportunity for you to learn from other therapists on how to run a small business successfully and how to develop your practice. You’ll have access to some professional advice and guidance when you need it and alternative viewpoints will help you deepen your understanding of your therapy and others too.
You’ll have focused one-to-one networking where you can build much deeper relationships with other therapists. And networking can lead to business coming your way, but in the therapy world you need to know and trust any therapist you may consider referring to so getting to know each other well is important.
The biggest reason for joining a networking group is to develop your business and find new ways of connecting. It’s invaluable for finding out what’s happening in your industry and giving you new ideas for the expansion of your core business.
There will always be someone who’s gone through the same thing you are, who can offer a fresh viewpoint and some excellent advice. You can offer your help and support to others too, which is a great way to build trust.
Even though you’re learning loads from running your business, you can learn a whole lot more by being part of a networking group. Access to a shared knowledge base through contact with like-minded individuals is one of the more powerful ways to increase your business knowhow and improve your chance of success.
Being part of a networking group gives you a great chance to bounce ideas off your associates. You can explore great new ventures and get informed, genuine feedback that helps you make the right business decisions and help others do the same.
Network groups are a useful source of strong referrals that can boost your business. Find a therapist who is in a complementary business to yours and you can build a partnership that allows you to provide your customers with a better service.
Networking isn’t just about promoting your business in the local area – it’s also about developing your personal business skills by learning from your peers and being open to new ideas and ways of running your practice to become the successful therapist you have always wanted to be.
This article was written by Hayley Netser, from Holistic Health Lab. If you’d like more information about Therapy Network Events and how they can help your therapy business call her now on 07712 165 858 or email her at  hayley@holistichealthlab.co.uk.  Please also visit the Therapy Network Events Facebook page.