Building your digital support network


Running your own healthcare practice can be lonely without the benefit of a team of peers to call upon for knowledge and support. But the @isoshealth platform can change that.
Working as part of a multidisciplinary team that includes a Physiotherapist, Dietitian and Psychologist, the platform connects you to like-minded practitioners offering you support and a community of peers to share knowledge, challenge your thinking and exchange ideas.
You can get involved as much or as little as you like. In addition to connecting you on a daily basis to your peers, the platform also offers access to community discussions including:
1. A monthly “All Community Chat” open to people registered on the platform, those who have expressed an interest in getting involved and those who just want to find out a little more and get a deeper understanding for isoshealth.
2. Monthly specialist chats dedicated to specific issues, advice and knowledge for each discipline.
3. Monthly dedicated speakers focusing on sharing rarer knowledge and specialisms within each profession.
The community is a “virtual” staff room, a safe place to share ideas, ask questions and to feel supported.
Discover more about how you can grow your business, embrace digital tools and connect with like-minded professionals with @isoshealth and at isosheath’s website or for any questions, get in touch on Twitter and #AskAimee.