You don’t have enough tasks for a virtual PA


This article is written by Mike Schuil, from SmartPA.
Whilst many people believe that they have too much work for a virtual PA to handle, there are some that think they don’t have enough. If this is the case with you, then it’s a good idea to think of a virtual PA as more than a service, because in actual fact, they can become a strategic partner.
Our PAs have high levels of expertise and quite often have gained their experience in in high pressured corporate environments. Most have worked supporting one or more execs and are used to managing a number of projects simultaneously. Their experience has taught them a great deal about certain industries, meaning they know what’s needed to hit targets, meet deadlines, and maintain and even increase profitability.
Virtual PAs are much like the business owners they work for; they are business owners themselves, offering their virtual PA services. They will have their own objectives and will know what is required to grow a business and make it as successful as possible.
If you’re after a PA who will do more than just complete the tasks assigned to them, a virtual PA could be the way to go. With a virtual PA as part of your team, you’ll have someone with knowledge of the industry you can frequently consult with.
In addition, office environments are a haven for distraction. Coffee breaks, overrun lunches and general chit chat decrease productivity and cost you money.
Remote workers are far more efficient and here at SmartPA we only charge you for the time worked.
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