How to get more clients through your door!


If you’re like us, you get most of your clients through word-of-mouth.
This means getting referrals.  More referrals means more clients!
Since most of us practitioners would like a few extra clients, we thought we’d share a few tips we recently taught the students at the UCO (University College of Osteopathy) to increase the number of referrals you get each week.
First, and this is very simple – just ask for them.
Too few of us actually ask our clients for referrals.  But as my mum always said, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”
To guarantee more referrals, simply make it regular practice to ask your existing clients who they know that might be suffering from a similar problem as themselves.
If you wait for them to make referrals, it may or may not happen.  By asking directly, your clients know it’s ok to refer people to you.
The upshot will be, a dramatic increase in your referral numbers.
The second way to increase your referrals is to start business networking.
Now we know some of you are already cringing and saying, “Networking doesn’t work for practitioners!”
To which we’ll happily reply, “Perhaps you could try doing it differently!”.
Business networking is the second most effective way to get more clients, second only to direct referrals from existing clients.
The thing with networking is that you have to make it work for you.  You need to treat it as a strategic business activity and make sure you get a clear return on your investment.
But what does this actually mean?
Business networking is not a social club. Yes, you can have a lot of fun and make great friends but you are there for a clear purpose and that is to generate more clients.
If you are not getting more clients, then something needs to change.
We teach our Mentorship Clients that if they are networking effectively they should expect a minimum of a 10 times return on their investment. This means if you pay £100 a year to attend the network, you should get back a minimum of £1000.
This focus on effective action means our clients typically create an extra £50,000 – £100,000 income in the first 12 months of working with us.
No doubt you’re asking how is this possible?
By following the key suggestions below, you’ll be well on your way:
1.  Prepare
Make sure you have everything you need such as business cards, pen and paper, the address, the dress code and anything else before the event.
It also means planning what you are going to say and setting your intentions.  By this we mean you get clear on what you intend to get out of the event.
If you don’t set an intention, then how can you ensure you create the outcome you want?
2.  Build relationships
Networking is all about trust, not about selling. If you try to convince everyone you meet that they should use your services, you will struggle.
But, if you instead try to get to know people and explore how you could help them, they in turn will try to help you.
Think of it as farming rather than hunting.
A farmer nurtures his crop to get results.  This means giving time, care and attention which results in an on-going harvest
A hunter makes a kill and then moves on to the next.
Which one of these do you think would better portray your business and the way you want people to think of you?
For further tips and strategies of how to turn networking into your best source of new clients, download our free guide, ‘10x Your Networking Success’.
Happy farming!
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