Find Your Unique Selling Point


As a health practitioner it can be difficult to find out how to position yourself to stand out in a crowded market. This is your USP or unique selling point. As more and more therapists are offering much the same service, it becomes more difficult to make sure that clients will choose you rather than someone else.
Your USP will help you do that.
First of all, you need to work through a features vs benefits scenario. This exercise helps you to identify a factual statement about your business (the feature) and turn it into a reason why a customer should buy from you (the benefit).
All clients buy based on what you can do for them. So for example if you offer physiotherapy, your feature is that you treat sports injuries, but your benefit is that you can help your client get back to playing sport as soon as possible.
It sounds quite simple, but when you sit down and try to turn all the features of your business into benefits, it can be tricky.
Do take some time away from your practice and do this exercise with someone else so you can brain storm some answers. Make sure you do it somewhere else other than your practice (or home if you work from home), like a coffee shop or out in a park if the weather is nice. This can help you to be more creative and think outside of the normal constraints of your place of work.
Once you have your benefits you can identify what your USP is and then focus on using that to market your practice.
Another way to attract people to your practice is to offer a service that’s new, innovative or not available in most places. This can really help you to achieve a USP for business.
At Vitali-Chi we believe that we have a product that can help you to position yourself brilliantly with an amazing USP.
We have a passive, non-mechanical health care system that can rebalance the natural energy system. It’s completely drug free and delivers natural vibrational substances to the body to help heal, change patterns of behaviour and treat the root cause of an issue or illness.
Using Vitali-Chi’s healing properties before, during or after a therapy session can offer you the USP you’re looking for.
We’re running a workshop in July to introduce new practitioners to Vitali-Chi, there’s an early bird offer and a Private Practice Hub discount available so find out more by calling Allen on 01206 385 397 or and get your own USP today.