Breaking the boundaries: can Physiotherapy work online?


When most of us think of Physiotherapists, we think hands-on therapy. Helping with injury, surgery recovery or focusing on easing the pain of specific conditions. That’s why it’s no surprise that many of us, and even Physios themselves, find it difficult to see the benefits of the tech-health boom for their every-day way of practising.

We believe that Physios and their clients can reap the benefits of digital consultations – giving Physios a new way to practice.

At isoshealth, we offer the services of Dietitians, Physios and Psychologists together in teams over video chat so we can see the benefits this brings not only to the therapist, but also to the client as well.

A new era for Physios

As a group, Physiotherapists have so much more to offer other than one-to-one physical therapy. To become a Physio takes years of training and in-practice experience. As a result, they have a great deal of knowledge and expertise to help people find ways to improve their physical performance, new ways to move which suit them and guidance on how to incorporate exercise to achieve their specific health goals.

Just like a face-to-face appointment this only comes through personalisation. Online video consultations offers this opportunity to Physios and the wider public. Using video chat technology, that we use on our platform, Physios can reach new groups of people outside their usual geography. They can encourage them to take the first steps when it comes to exercise and movement. Video consultations also give Physios the opportunity to share the correct facts and information that clients need, so they can make a positive change to their health.

A balancing act

Despite online consultations giving Physios some fantastic opportunities , there’s no denying, they’ll never replace face-to-face consultations. What they do  bring is a new form of treatment that can sit alongside in-person work. It gives Physios a new way to spread their knowledge and increase their working capacity, with no additional expense.

Whilst we’ve conducted surveys across physiotherapists before to provide us with these insights, we’re really keen to ask you for your opinions too. If you have the time we’d love you to take it here 

This will give us great information to work with to identify the views of physios in practice and discover some of the pain points you face every day.