Here’s one way to save up to 30% more time in your day


Imagine your practice transformed.
Imagine up to 30% more time in your daily workflow.
Imagine scoring that is both faster and more accurate.
Imagine actionable test results delivered immediately.
Imagine test administration that’s more personalised, more engaging, more flexible, but still efficient and effective.
All of this is possible now with Q-interactive®.
Q-interactive is a digital system that uses the convenience of online and mobile technology to improve how clinicians deliver and score interactive tests. It’s easy to set up and the app is simple to use.
The Pearson Assessments you know and trust are the same, but they’re delivered in a digital format.
With Q-interactive, the materials you are used to using are brought together into a web and iPad based system. With less to juggle, you can minimise the time you spend on admin and maximise the time you spend focusing on your client.
Q-interactive not only saves you time because of automated scoring, , it also improves accuracy. Because of the reduction in manual data entry, there is a reduced risk of errors.
Real time scoring gives you more flexibility than ever. It allows you to quickly personalise sessions based on test data. Q-interactive also lets you  select and administer additional tests and subtests immediately.
The platform leverages technology that the digital first generation knows and enjoys. This keeps them engaged and reduces the risk of their responses being affected by boredom or fatigue.
Q-interactive is efficient, accurate and personalised. Professionals who have made the switch have found their workflows streamlined and their examinees more engaged.
To discover how Q-interactive can work for you and to start your FREE 30 day trial, click here.