Should I work from home or should I rent a therapy room?


That’s always a question that professionals ask themselves.
Working from home may seem the easier choice at first. There are no worries about paying for rooms that you may not use, or travelling time / cost. You can decorate your treatment room in your own home exactly as you wish. Also, you have plenty of flexibility regarding when you see your clients.
However, take a moment to consider the potential therapy room in your home. Does the atmosphere in the room work for your therapy? Is the standard of the room conducive to your brand and the image you want to portray? Is it soundproofed? If you have other family members in the home, can you offer your clients complete privacy and comfort from the moment they arrive at your front door?
When you bear all of the above in mind, renting a therapy room can offer the client a much more professional experience. You won’t have to worry about privacy, and you won’t have to spend a fortune getting it to look right. When choosing a room, make sure it is of the standard that you and your clients deserve. The best rooms will be decorated to a high spec with all the things that you need, whether that’s comfy seating, a good IT set up, or other treatment facilities.
The one issue that puts off many practitioners from renting a room is block booking. Most rental options demand that you block book a room for a set period, such as one day a week, two half days, and so on – regardless of whether you fill that time with clients. The vast majority of therapists will be unable to commit to this arrangement.  It’s likely that your clients require a high level of flexibility: sessions outside of normal working hours, last minute bookings, or late cancellations are common. Your diary may be packed this month; but who knows what will happen next month.
However, don’t despair – the whole issue can be resolved by choosing a room that you can book on a pay as you go basis with flexible terms. They may not be the norm, but they do exist, for example through companies such as Brighter Spaces UK.
Another thing to look for is how easy it is to book your room. Do you need to call and speak to someone? Or do they have an online booking system? This is the best option for fulfilling last minute appointments or those outside of normal office hours. Keyless access is also another benefit to look for.
Heading outside your comfort zone and booking a therapy room brings another, often unrecognised benefit. Working in therapy can often be a lonely place, especially when working from home. So many therapists crave interaction with other therapists and whilst there are networking events across all towns and cities, having the option of being part of a community of other therapists helps to build both your personal and professional network.
You can refer your clients to other therapists and vice versa. You can challenge your own thoughts and approaches whilst learning, which is so important for each and every one of us. Find somewhere that accommodates a multitude of therapies and lets you educate yourself on how do you things and how you tackle certain issues. Importantly though, find somewhere you can make friends!
We hope you’ve found this article useful.
If you have decided to look into booking a therapy room, please get in touch for more information. Brighter Spaces UK offers high quality therapy rooms to rent with flexible booking, keyless access and just four hours notice required for cancellations. They currently have rooms in Guildford, Wilmslow and Islington but will be opening in other towns and cities soon.
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