Things happen in their own season


Things happen in their own season
Running a business as a practitioner or a coach is much like being a farmer! Strange statement I know but bear with me.
In order for you to be successful in your business as a practitioner or coach, there are certain activities that must be completed in a specific order to create the results you want.
Farming is exactly the same.
There are 4 seasons and specific activities need to happen in each season.
In spring, a farmer has to prepare the ground and plant the seeds.
The farmer nurtures the growing crops in Summer, waters them and protects them from weeds.
In Autumn, he sees the results of all the hours of work put in so far and harvests the crops.
Wintertime lets the farmer rest and recover, and he plans next year’s crops.
Obviously, you’re not a farmer but your crops are your clients and there is a lot you can learn from how farmers work.
You know a farmer can’t harvest without planting crops and watering them – hoping and praying won’t produce a harvest. But have you simply opened your business and hoped that clients will start walking through the door?
Let’s look at some of the things you can do in your business to produce our harvest:
Start working on marketing so the local community knows who you are, what you do and how we can help. Done well, this should result in more new clients walking through your door.
Nurture your clients by giving them the best of your expertise and going above and beyond with your customer service.
This is your Harvest time. Your clients should start making referrals. This gives you more clients and your business is truly valuable. It will self-generate – more clients, therefore more income.
This is the time to reflect on your next steps. Plan how exactly you will continue to expand your business and help more people.
Does this make sense?
Clients won’t refer to you if you haven’t supported or nurtured them.
Until you start getting referrals, you’re always dependent on your marketing. Depending on which methods you use, this can be both time consuming and expensive.
I know you’re thinking that a year is a long time. Will it take that long for me to be successful?
Thankfully no.
The good thing about this concept is that it’s the sequence of the activities that’s important, not the duration.
This means you could compress all these activities into a limited period. Perhaps 90 days or even less time if you wanted.
When I finally realised how to grow my clinic, I threw myself into action, followed this process and tripled my client numbers and my income in just six weeks.
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Happy farming.
Chris Lambert-Gorwyn
UK’s #1 Business Growth Expert for Practitioners and Coaches