Achieve What You Want In 2019


How can you achieve more of what you want?
Get a coach!
Because they’ll get you there faster!
Not convinced?
Let’s put it this way, every professional athlete has a coach. It doesn’t matter if they play basketball, football, tennis, or run the 100-metre sprint, they all have one.
Why? They already know how to run fast or play well but a coach can help them to run faster or play better!
Now, if the best athletes in the world use coaches, doesn’t that tell us something? We can learn something from that.
Think of an area in your life that you would like to improve.
It could be your health, your weight, your finances, your love life, your sleep, your exam results – anything at all!
Consider getting a coach or a mentor to help you work on that area. Do you think you could lower your blood pressure, be fitter, lose weight, get a cash flow or savings plan in place if you had someone dedicated to helping you achieve that goal?
The same principle works when it comes to your business. You’ve done a great job so far but if you really want to fly, chances are, you’ll benefit from getting help from people who’ve done it before. After all, it’s always easier getting to your destination when you have a map.
And that’s what Passion to Profit for Practitioners offers to Practitioners who are serious about taking action and making a difference to their lives. A road map that will get you, your business and your life to your ultimate destination.
On 25, 26 and 27 of January, Passion to Profit for Practitioners is running a 6-Figure Practitioner 3-day event in central London.
It’s open to anyone who wants to take their Practice to the next level.
But first, take advantage of our offer for a 1-hour FREE strategy call with our Head of Mentorship, David Roylance. David will help you identify three key blocks preventing you from achieving your goals.
You’ll leave the call feeling motivated and you’ll also have an action plan with all the information you need to decide if the 6-Figure Practitioner event is right for you.
We look forward to meeting you.
Chris Lambert-Gorwyn
UK’s #1 Business Growth Expert for Practitioners and Coaches