Why collect Google Reviews for your therapy business?


You should use Google Reviews for your therapy business because they can really help you out on so many levels.
The first is probably the most obvious one. Google Reviews will help to push your business listing higher up the Google rankings. This will mean that your business will perform better when people are searching for therapists like you in Google. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
Whilst there are lots of different factors that are taken into account when deciding where your page ranks in Google, having lots of Google Reviews actively helps. And this boost to your page rankings can have a very positive effect on your business.
The second very good reason to get more Google Reviews is because it’s an excellent visual representation of how your customers see you.
I don’t know about you, but when I google something and see the results page, the first thing that catches my eye is businesses with lots of stars along with those with very few, or worse still, no reviews at all.
You can see in the picture below, I googled the term ‘therapists in my area’. The map results gave me three options and only one of them has any Google reviews. Based on that, I’d be contacting them first as I know at least 2 other people have used them and taken the time to give them a positive review on Google.

This is the other very good reason for getting Google Reviews. You will stand out from your competitors and show how fantastic your business really is and hopefully be chosen first above other search results without those reviews.
I know that by now I’ve fully persuaded you that you need to be getting Google Reviews but if you’ve ever given a business a Google Review, it’s not the easiest and there are quite a few steps to go through, which is not idea from a client journey perspective.
But don’t worry, I have a really easy way to set up a direct link that you can use to collect Google Reviews and make the whole process easy for your clients.
Here’s the Six Step Guide.
Before you start, you need Google My Business set up first. If you’ve not done this, google ‘Google My Business’ and follow the steps.
Step 1
Go to Google Places API. Click here and you’ll go straight there – it’s that easy.
Step 2
Enter your business information into the location box at the top of the map
Step 3
Click on your business listing
Step 4
Make a note of your place ID, which is shown in the map, under your business name

Step 5
Add your Place ID to this URL to create a direct link you can send to your clients
If we use Private Practice Hub Place ID as an example from the image above, the URL would look like this:
Step 6
Send it out to your clients, but just check the link works first!
Now you’re all ready to send out your link here are some other things to think about when asking for reviews.
1. Make your link look pretty. The link above is long and ugly looking so make sure you use a hyperlink when sending it to your clients. If you’re not sure how to hyperlink, you can find step by step instructions on Google.
2. Always send your link as soon as possible after you’ve seen them. The longer you wait, the less likely they’ll be to leave you any feedback.
3. Be direct when you ask for feedback. Tell your clients you want feedback to help improve your service and to know what’s working well.
4. Don’t offer incentives for reviews. Google may ban your business if you do.
Have fun collecting reviews and start getting your therapy business noticed by Google and more importantly by potential customers.