Why is exercise so important?


Exercise is good for us, research has proved this time after time. However, modern technology and convenience have led to global epidemics of inactivity contributing to obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Exercise isn’t a panacea to all health problems, though it comes pretty close!
Being physically active has heaps of benefits including improved mental health, maintaining a healthy weight, managing chronic pain and recovering from illness or injury. Health professionals are always encouraged to promote exercise to their clients, but how easy is this? And how can we get our clients motivated to move and actually do the exercises which will improve their conditions?
What is exercise prescription?
Exercise prescription is an effective way for physiotherapists, osteopaths and sports therapists to provide their clients with structured exercise routines which are easy to follow and sustain. In the past, exercise prescription consisted of showing the client the exercises in person, drawing stick people and handwriting instructions on paper.
Despite going through exercises in person with a physio it can be difficult for the client to remember exactly what to do in the stretch or movement shown to them. Equally, deciphering stick drawings and handwriting can be confusing and frustrating. Technology is something which has transformed exercise prescription making the old pen and paper approach much less effective and almost redundant.
Good exercise prescription is when clients are given the right exercises, that they understand, perform and maintain to experience the positive effects from improving and healing conditions.

Why software makes exercise prescription easy and effective
Using software such as Rehab My Patient physiotherapists, osteopaths and sports therapists can choose from a database containing 1000s of exercises. The exercises can be searched by body part, condition diagnosis, exercise type (e.g. stretch) or muscle group. Each exercise has full HD colour images, simple step by step instructions and a guided video.
The prescriber can create individual treatment plans to suit their clients’ needs. The amount of times an exercise should be performed and held for is totally customisable. Users can also create templates for common injuries or problems such as lower back or shoulder pain.
Advice sheets which inform and educate clients about a particular body part or injury, and lifestyle changes to help manage the issue are available to add to plans. There are even features to add your own exercises and your own company branding to the plans making the software highly personalised.
The benefits of using software to prescribe exercises to clients;
– Convenient, quick, easy and enjoyable to use
– Time saved in looking up, trying to remember, draw and describe exercises
– Clients won’t forget what was told to them in the session as plans are recorded
– A record of plans created for each client is kept in the clients log
– When exercising with the videos clients feel though they have a personal trainer in the room
– Treatment plans and the matching videos can be opened on smart phone, tablet, or laptop
– Clients won’t lose the plan as they will receive an email and be able to log into their own dashboard
– Environmentally friendly as you can email plans as well as printing
– Those without internet can get a printed plan
– The plans look professional, clear and concise for clients to understand
– The plans add value to the in-session work
– Clients can improve their condition in between session
– Rehab My Patient positions your clinic as an advanced practice
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