Give your hands a rest – Consider PEMF for your practice


Isn’t it time you gave those hands a rest and looked into something complimentary and super effective!
So what is PEMF therapy?
PEMF therapy systems are non-invasive and the therapy itself is pain-free but can be really complimentary to so many other techniques. It works by targeting the body at a cellular level. PEMFs pulsate through the body and work to repair damaged cells and tissues. By positively charging damaged cells to help increase ATP production, the body can do its job to heal at an accelerated rate.
Like other forms of therapy PEMFs are not condition specific, but we are trying to create an environment within the body for it to repair itself more efficiently from chronic conditions or trauma. More and more commonly PEMFs are being used to repair sports injuries and get those key players back on the field in the least amount of time. PEMF devices are becoming common devices in American Football team treatment rooms.
So, what exactly is PEMF therapy? PEMF therapy stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. By running an electrical current through copper coils, a natural magnetic field is created, just like the earth’s natural geomagnetic field. It is a form of magnetic therapy and there are over 7000 clinical trials on it. NASA space station and Kings College London have also conducted studies on PEMF therapy, with positive results. NASA actually used PEMF therapy in their space capsules, to ensure astronauts are of good health when not connected to the earth’s natural magnetic fields.
Introducing PEMF therapy to your body will help you to re-establish health electromagnetic exchanges. Natural electromagnetic exchanges are often blocked by what we know as EMFs (electromagnetic fields). EMFs are created however by the use of mobile phones, telephone lines, and WIFI. All of which are considered to have a negative effect on our health when we are overexposed to it. EMFs are often referred to as ‘dirty electricity’ – have you ever been told not to sleep near your mobile phone? That is why!
PEMFs and EMFs are different. This is mainly because PEMFs use frequencies and creates magnetic fields at therapeutic levels to the body. PEMF therapy is considered a natural therapy due to the fact that systems replicate the earth natural magnetic field. They never reach the extremely high frequencies that EMFs do.
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Higher strength, localised devices are more commonly found in treatment rooms,
compared to the lower intensity full body systems that are found in homes, as shown in the video below. These higher intensity devices need less treatments and less time during each treatment, giving you time to treat many clients in one day. This therapy is complimentary to what you already offer and gives you the opportunity to rest up those hands during the PEMF treatments.
To explain a little more about how PEMF therapy works and what it is, we have created a short video.

How NASA Research Supports PEMF Therapy