i9 Bottle improves water energy


The research was performed by the Berlin Institute’s Director, Russian physicist Wadim Saidow, and Prof. Dr. Peter Bukovec as an external scientific associate and founder of the Slovenian Institute for Sustainable Development. The research was done with GDV technology on the Kirlian camera. The criteria was the impact of an i9 informed bottle on the energy state of water, and the impact of this water on the state of people.
The test water was an impeccable drinking water from the water supply system, and mineral water. The testing of the impact on the biofield was done in a double-blind experiment, where one group of people drank water from an informed bottle, while the other from the non-informed one (placebo), the volunteers did not know which bottle they were drinking the water from.

The impact on water
According to the results of the research, the bottle had a significant impact on the quality of the water it contained, and its energy state had improved. Because of the impact of the bottle, its molecules were restructured, the clusters of water molecules were reduced, meaning they could easily penetrate the membrane of the cell. The water was dynamic, clusters of water molecules were merging, dividing and separating.
The impact on people
Berlin Institute performed tests on a group of women aged from 12 to 58 years, and a group of men aged from 14 to 73 years. Prior to the test, researchers measured the biofield of each of the volunteers. After this, participants drank either the placebo or the informed water but did not know which water they were drinking. The measurements of aura were made half an hour and one hour after the drinking of water.
The results confirmed the biofield of people who drank informed water increased, significantly. The water that a person drinks from an informed bottle, for more than three hours has a particularly good impact on them; the level of stress decreases, a person has more energy and is more balanced. The researchers’ conclusion confirmed the initial hypothesis: it is highly recommended to use the informed bottle in everyday life to raise the quality of our health.

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