FREE 2 week PEMF therapy trials for clinics!


NewMed attended the COPA show in May and it was a great success! We met practitioners and therapists who took a huge interest in drug-free alternative therapy. This therapy is not only great for clients; it’s great for you as the practitioner, to use as well. Giving your hands the well-earned rest they need in-between treatments.
PEMF therapy has the ability to help your client’s body heal directly from the source of pain, by repairing damaged cells and tissues. NewMed Ltd believes everyone should have access to this therapy and that it is the future of natural pain relief and alternative therapy. This is why we are now looking for clinics and practices across the UK to trial our high powered system, for FREE.
The Emfield Pro is the most powerful system we offer and is for professional use only. We exhibited this system at the Elevate Elite Sports exhibition in May and the response was great! We will be taking this system to more exhibitions later in the year too. James Hall, British Champion Gymnast, has been using our Emfield Pro system to recover from a shoulder injury that he sustained at the European Championships.
The Emfield Pro could be the change your clinic or practice has been looking for, so why not trial it for FREE and see for yourself how much it can benefit you and your clientele? Click here to speak to a member of our team and claim your FREE Emfield Pro trial. You can also download the Emfield Pro information pack.