British Champion Gymnast uses PEMF therapy for recovery


After sustaining a shoulder injury during the European Championships 2019, James Hall knew that ‘with an injury like this, it can take a long time to rehab’.NewMeddecided to reach out to him and loan him our most high powered system, the Emfield Pro.Weknew that a high intensity system could offer James effective localised therapy, ideal for recovery from an injury like his.

After regular PEMF therapy sessions, James saw a ‘noticeable difference’ –after his treatment, he also noticed that it ‘definitely sped up’ his time in recovery.
NewMed are now offering a FREE 2 week trial of the Emfield Pro, touse on clients within your clinic or practice. Contact NewMed now to arrange your trial! Please note,this system is for the use of professionals working from a clinic on clients. We also offer PEMF therapy training and a lifetime of customer support for practitioners who may not have experience with this therapy or the systems.
James’ full video can be watched here. James told us he would ‘definitely recommend PEMF therapy to others because it’s absolutely incredible!’ Introduce this therapy to your clientsand see what results you get!