Starting your own product range is not easy


OK, let’s assume you’re a therapist. You’re doing okay and you think it might be a good idea to start selling clients your own brand of health, beauty and wellbeing products.
Well, where do you start?
Firstly, you’ve got to come up with the product idea. Then spend days in the lab (or kitchen) experimenting with the correct formulations. Once you’re happy, you start giving out samples to friends, family and clients for their thoughts and ideas. At this stage, you’ve no idea you’ve just broken a couple of laws in doing so, but let’s ignore that for now. So, you eagerly gather the feedback and guess what? It’s not what you’d hoped for.
Too strong. Too weak, consistency not right, you will end up with quite a list.
But still, that’s what feedback is for – right? So, it’s back to the kitchen lab for some serious re formulation. Then once you’re happy (again) it’s back with the sample pots again (oops, there’s that pesky broken law again) and gathering more feedback. Once gathered, one more time in the kitchen should do it. So, well done. You’ve now got a pot of something.
Better choose some packaging and labelling, but before you go and get 1000’s printed, you better get on the right side of the law, which will probably involve bacterial and stability testing, prior to you being able to apply for a Cosmetic Product Safety Report, absolutely necessary before you can start selling (or even giving away) your product. So, be prepared to say goodbye to around £500 per product, more if you fail testing the first time. You are also a few months down the track by now and the time, effort and expense has probably put you off trying to expand the range too rapidly.
Yes, it’s tough out there.
So, thank goodness for Vitali-Chi, who have created a health, beauty and wellbeing range with the therapist in mind (it was designed by a therapist with over 30 years of experience). What’s more, they have made it really easy for you to get started, with Starter Kits for just £99, which include products, advertising materials, marketing plans and their passionate support. There is also a potentially lucrative incentive scheme so you could build a nice passive income stream over time.
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Author – Vitali-Chi