Top Tips to Write a Career Development Plan


Emma Rhodes is a Media Consultant/Strategist and she has been working with HigherEd Partners UK and the University of York to share an in-depth guide they created about creating a career development plan.
The guide is called “Guide to Writing a Career Development Plan” and offers plenty of valuable information such as:
Why having a career development plan is important and how it can help a person accelerate and excel in life and in their chosen field.
How to craft a career development plan, including practical tips and advice for both employees and managers on writing a plan, setting clear objectives, improving productivity, as well as knowledge transfer and retention.
For managers – how to talk to your employees about their career goals and find learning opportunities, and how to put all these into a career development plan that will help support and achieve these goals.
Other useful resources, FAQs, and information that can help employees and managers create the best career development plan for them.
It’s never too late to start a career development plan and refresh your perspective so take a look at the guide and let it help shape your therapy business.
Geoff Simons @ PPH