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Dear All, 

As we move into more uncertainty for our personal and professional lives with tighter social distancing restrictions being implemented across the country, myself and the team at PPH would like to firstly express our well wishes towards you, your families and your private practices. Over the last couple of months, we have been closely following and documenting the experiences of Anne-Marie as she navigates the complexities of the governmental pandemic regulations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of her clients. This real life narrative is clearly resonating with our audience as we have seen a 37% increase in the number of premium membership to PPH in the last two months alone. Your support truly means the world to us as we do our utmost to ensure PPH brings as much value as possible to you all during these challenging times. 

We will be continuing to closely follow Anne-Marie’s journey in the coming months, as well as inviting other practitioners to contribute as guest writers on our blog. This symbiotic relationship will not only help guest writers market themselves in a new way but also serve as a way of strengthening the sense of community that we have at PPH. We are very pleased to welcome a community manager and a social media specialist to the PPH team, helping to foster and promote these practitioner-led sources of inspiration.

On this note, please do get in touch if you feel you have a story to tell or interesting blog content that you would like us to share and promote on your behalf: 

As it stands today, 82% of consumers read reviews and ratings before making a buying decision online however this level of informed decision making is seriously difficult in the healthcare industry. As an avid health consumer and business owner myself, I know first hand how demoralising it is to spend time and money on things that simply do not work. The fact is, despite all my qualifications in healthcare, my own health decisions are either based on trial and error or from a word of mouth recommendation. Now, I am sure at some stage every person reading this has worked towards a health goal for either themselves or a loved one but how many people can say with conviction that the choices they make are 100% the right ones? 

With the launch of our new website and associated offerings fast approaching, we are giving health consumers (your businesses’ target market!) more reason to visit our website and engage with our content, in two distinct ways. Firstly, we are starting to collaborate with consumer health product companies to subjectively review our own experiences with their products as well as objectively rate the impact the products have made on the lives of their customers. 

Secondly, we are launching a simple client satisfaction questionnaire for all UKTH members to distribute to the clients of their choosing either during or after a course of treatment. Although not compulsory, the results of these research-backed, validated questionnaires will then be reflected on each participating UKTH members’ profile and is an important first step in helping new prospective clients understand your way of working and the way your treatments actually impacts your clients’ lives. Much in the way we have in the medical world, our intention is to link this activity with CPD as measuring our clients’ satisfaction is such an integral part of understanding how we can all improve as healthcare professionals, as well as doing the obvious: showing new prospective clients how good we really are! 

The combination of these two small but important services will help propel the complementary and alternative health sector into becoming a more understood, well respected form of healthcare delivery across the world. Our exciting new strategy for PPH will no doubt take time to reach its full potential, but with your continued support and trust, I am sure we will become a powerful voice for the industry and help anyone out there make informed decisions about their own healthcare. 

For more information on any of the topics discussed above, or if you have a product or service you would like us to showcase and review, please email 

Dr Adam Read
CEO Private Practice Hub

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