5 Apps That Are Must-Haves for Therapists

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In this modern age there is an app for just about anything you could think of, so why not use that to your advantage and find some software to help make running your practice even more streamlined? In this article we will be showcasing 5 apps that can do just that! 


Full Slate is an easy-to-use online scheduling application, making keeping order of all your appointments far easier. Founded in 2008, Full Slate thinks of everything to keep scheduling as stress-free and efficient as possible, with Full Slate, you can:

  • Sync appointments to Google Calendar 
  • Have the option to collect credit card numbers, deposits or full payments through online booking. 
  • Send automatic reminders to clients through the app. 
  • Set up repeat appointments 
  • Automatically collect feedback and reviews (with the option to publish your ratings) 
  • Manage your business hours 
  • Keep track of client information, appointment history and email correspondence

The app provides users with a free trial for 2 months, and has a 4 star rating across sites such as Capterra, GetApp and Technology Evaluation. Once your free trial expires, the app costs £21.63 per month for one person to use. 


Hootsuite is a social media management platform. If you read last week’s article on the importance of social media to advertise then you will understand why this app could be a great tool to use not only to boost your social media presence and earn a larger following. 

You can think of Hootsuite as a control centre that gathers all of the streams from different social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for easy, streamlined viewing and posting.

With Hootsuite you can also schedule posts, meaning if you are away from the office, taking a social media detox, or simply too busy to worry about logging on to make regular posts, you can queue up updates and content to post while you’re out living your life.

Hootsuite has a 30 day free trial for new users, and has various plans that you can choose from to fit your needs and budget requirements ranging from £39 – £520 per month. The app has been given a solid 4 star rating by PC Magazine, the criticisms being that while the app is considered “one of the most recognised solutions within social media management”, the feedback that the app provides may not be in-depth enough for some users, as well as expensive in-app add-ons being all too easy to fall into the clutches of.


TherapyNotes was developed by MyClientsPlus and is a five-star rated comprehensive “all-rounder” app built specifically to aid therapy practices keep their processes organised. 

TherapyNotes provides tools for: 

  • Billing clients 
  • Taking therapy notes 
  • Writing and keeping reports
  • Planning and scheduling

The app provides templates for each of the above which makes customising the files within the app to fit your purposes and needs much easier. Being completely cloud/web-based, there is no concern for losing the data if you lose your device and multiple people can use it at once. 

TherapyNotes has a 4.7 star rating on GetApp, has a free version but also provides a free trial for the paid version, which costs £25 a month for unlimited access to the app’s services.


Demandforce is a communications management app designed with out-patient services in mind. Using automation, the app’s purpose is to streamline the administration and communication aspect of running a practice and is equipped to deal with the following tasks: 

  • Reminding clients of appointments
  • Distributing online forms 
  • Marketing communications 
  • Managing appointments 

Demandforce is not a free app but does provide new users with a free trial to see if the software is for them, and has a 3.6 star rating on Capterra. 


This timer and time-tracking app is used by large companies such as Forbes, Yahoo and Time, and has been listed by the New York Times as one of the top time-tracking apps for freelancers. 

Due Time not only tracks a user’s time, but also integrates an invoice generation aspect into the app which is based on time and other parameters that the user sets. For a therapist working freelance or within a company, this app would be able to handle keeping track of your hours and billing the relevant people accordingly all in one interface. The app also keeps your records so that you as a practitioner will be able to keep track of who you have seen, and who you are charging each week or month. 

Due Time Tracking has a basic plan available to users which is free, but takes 1% interest on the money you make through invoicing on the app, and a premium service which costs £10 per month and takes 3% of earnings through the app. It’s affordable price and it’s easy-to-use setup has earned the app over 1800 5 star reviews on the Apple app store. 

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Article written by Maisie Violet Wicks, BA Hons, columnist for Private Practice Hub. Please contact newsdesk@privatepracticehub.co.uk