How To Clear Negative Energy


People exchange energy. Who is a stranger to the sensation of feeling lifted by one person only to feel utterly exhausted by another? That, says Lowell Riesow – is energetic exchange, the movement of one persons energy onto another. For therapists, understanding this dynamic is of critical importance as in therapy, shares Riesow – it’s the negative energies that the therapist is working to release, and in doing so, may find themselves overly depleted, and maybe even confused about the sensations they themselves are experience, when they are holding a space for a disturbed or traumatised client. 

Lowell Riezouw describes himself as an energy healer, but before that he spent ten years as a body psychotherapist in a psychiatric clinic. Here, he observed this energetic exchange, and began to study more on the subject. He also realised that understanding and being able to navigate  these dynamics is an essential tool for therapists who are working in an  environment that contains heavy exposure to the negative and disturbed energies. “When a therapist is working with patients who are severely disturbed energetically, it has the potential to affect their energy system in a very profound way, 

“If we don’t clear the energy field regularly, within time it is going to leave a deeper effect on us and it can be very subtle, we often don’t even notice that it is taking place.”

But what is this energy? There is no doubt that energy, or “the unseen force” has been a pivotal aspect of almost every surviving Ancient Health System.  The Ancient Chinese would may have referred to energy as qi, or life force, and the Ayurvedic systems as chakras. Yoga, breathwork and meditation, and  in modern society we find ourselves referring to ‘vibes’ or ‘frequency’.  All of these descriptions are attempting to describe what Lowell calls “energy’.

Ancient. modern or both?

Our modern world may immediately discard notions of energy, but how frequently do we notice that people,  emotions, experiences and memories seem to be able to instantly drain or deplete us?  In the systems that Lowell works with, energy is something that is emitted by the body in a multitude of ways, some electrical, some emotional, some noticeable and some very subtle. He explains that the human body is continuously emitting some form of energy,  and over time a person can accumulate ‘energy blockages’ that prevent health from occurring. That energy, he says, is passed from client to practitioner. Acknowledging, understanding and learning how to release that negative energy is essential for effective practice and also for the energetic protection and wellbeing of the therapist. 

Riezouw uses energetic systems called radionics, bioresonance with classical homeopathy to treat these energy blockages, and the methods he uses to achieve that are body psychotherapy, radionics and bioresonance.  But what are these techniques? 

  • Body psychotherapy is the use of touch, breathing, and movement techniques to address a wide range of mental and physical health concerns.
  • Radionics is the use of frequencies similar to that of radio wave frequencies to tune into the body and make subtle manipulations to increase flow.
  • Bioresonance – is the use of electromagnetics to manipulate energy within the body to resolve blockages.
  • Homeopathy – is the practice of working with the body’s innate restorative force, a force that lives inside all of us. 

“It’s been seen very clearly that when there is a shift in energetic flow of the body it will have an effect on the mind, and if you can clear that blockage, that trauma in the mind, that the body will start to improve as well.”

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Understanding Resonance 

“When I first started the work I was constantly picking up different feelings, emotions, fears from clients. Clients would come in for a session, they might have been depressed or sad, I would pick it up, and once the session ended I would be left feeling sad or depressed. I often couldn’t differentiate between  ‘is that my depression or their depression?’ – And that often happens due to resonance taking place.” 

Resonance describes frequencies that are similar or the same, like two violins playing the same note. When we resonate with someone, we understand them, we connect very easily, and they feel very familiar to us. Two people of extremely different ages and backgrounds can resonate, due to their energetic compatibility. 

Riezouw explains that when resonance takes place between a therapist and a client, it can often expand and cause your own personal negative feeling to grow: 

“If we have an emotion within us that is unresolved, let’s say the emotion of grief and a client comes in with grief, there is going to be a resonance between the both of us and that grief that we have within us can expand and be made stronger, leaving us often in a drained or tired state after a session as we have taken on other people’s problems.” 

Signs you are being affected by a client’s energy

“We might start to have various thoughts go through our minds; we might not like a client, we might start saying “I really don’t want to work with that patient” or even develop a fear of the client.” 

  • Your feels begin to surface
  • You associate strongy with  the client
  • You take on their problems as your own 
  • Your personality  changes

When your own trauma or emotions begin to resonate with a client, you may experience and associate that client with negative emotions of your own. It is important to differentiate when this is happening and pay attention to when it does happen, as Riezouw says it could be an indicator of what the client is feeling too and could be a valuable tool to help a client with: 

“These are all the signals where our energy body is interacting with the client. It is a tremendous tool when we get into it and pay attention, listen and observe.”  

Cleansing your Energy 

As valuable as it could be to gain insight into a client’s feelings through more than just what they are saying verbally, once your session is over Riezeouw stresses that it is important to cleanse yourself of a client’s energy once your session is done as you do not want to be left with your own negative emotions and energies growing. In the webinar, Riezeouw provides therapists with techniques to protect their own energy such as: 

Before or during a session:

  • Observing the breath – without changing your breathing, simply focusing on what your lungs are doing and connecting with a moment.
  • Expand your energy – By envisioning a positive force that comes from you you slowly expanding and filling the room and enveloping the client. 

After a session: 

  • Take supervision – Analysing how you feel after a session and what that tells you about the client and how you can help them and yourself.
  • Salt – Bathing with salts, exfoliating with salts as they are good for binding negative energy and drawing it out.
  • Cold Water – Using cold water to wash the hands from the elbows down and feet from the knee down as that is where negative energy is pushed within the body, so as to protect the organs.  He recommends water at 4 degrees Celsius.
  • Nature – Touching nature and being one with nature is what Riezeouw says is the best way to dispel negative energy.

After the webinar, those watching were able to ask direct questions to Riezeow in real time and get insightful answers to questions such as how and if energy from a client could transfer electronically, and how to deal with it. 

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Article written by Maisie Violet Wicks, BA Hons, columnist for Private Practice Hub. Please contact