Author: Maisie Violet Wicks


Anxiety Surrounding Masks As Restrictions Lift

20 August 2021

We are now almost a full month into the lift in COVID safety restrictions across the UK and people are […]

Union Calls For Privately Employed NHS Workers To Receive Same Pay Rates As NHS Workers

20 August 2021

A 3% Pay-Rise For NHS Employees  In March of 2021 the government announced a 1% raise for NHS workers after […]

UK Government Urged To Invest In Mental Health – What The Reports Say

20 August 2021

A new report commissioned by the NHS Confederation’s Mental Health Network has stated that “the NHS is going to need […]

NHS Mental Health Proposals – Keep In The Know

6 August 2021

New proposals from the NHS aim to shorten the wait times for individuals seeking mental health support have been welcomed […]

A Spotlight On Mental Health – Will Athletics Finally Take Mental Health Seriously?

6 August 2021

The Athletes Advocating For Mental Health In Sports  Naomi Osaka, the four-time Grand Slam tennis singles champion, is the first […]

“Blood Doesn’t Lie”

6 August 2021

A Discussion With Jonathan Cohen, Founder of Functional DX. Jonathan Cohen is a seasoned practitioner who believes that the mind, […]

Eating Disorders On The Rise

30 July 2021

Recent data reported by the BBC shows an alarming rise of eating disorders of under-20s across the UK this year. […]

Three Things You Need To Build A Business

28 July 2021

Power Diary is an online Practice Management System for health professionals trusted by over 26,000 independent practitioners and with features […]

Is Online Therapy The New Normal?

26 July 2021

As early as 2017 there has been a growing trend of easily accessible online therapy apps with websites becoming the […]

Screen Time And Worsening Mental Health – Is There A Link?

23 July 2021

Being at home with nowhere to go has left many feeling bored, unmotivated and sluggish. Across the UK an alarming […]