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Unlocking lockdown as we transition into Spring

22 March 2021

Dear Members, Here in the UK as we transition into the wonderful season of spring, we can also start looking […]

Women’s Wellbeing: Five Achievable Steps to Calm the Overwhelm

12 March 2021

As women in today’s society we are often trying to juggle many things including impressive and successful careers, parenting, family […]

Embracing Self-Care and Mental Wellbeing

27 January 2021

Dear Members, As we move into the new year with continued uncertainty in both our personal and professional lives, myself […]

The Importance of Finding the Right Pace

22 January 2021

When it comes to working with people and their problems as a therapist or in any other way, getting the […]

How Do We Reframe 2021 After the Turbulence We Have Endured in 2020?

21 January 2021

As we enter 2021, I can’t help but reflect on this time last year. 2020 marked the start of a […]

Reflecting and Taking Stock

18 December 2020

In a space of only five months, myself and the team at PPH have worked hard to modernise our infrastructure […]

How to Make Successful Healthcare Decisions (and Why I Struggled With This Myself)

18 December 2020

My healthcare journey started as a child, when I realised it was an effort to keep up with my peers. […]

9 ways to manage your time as a private practitioner

24 November 2020

The support you provide your clients lies at the heart of the work you do as a private practitioner. A […]

Which social media platform should you be using to market your private practice?

24 November 2020

Social media is an invaluable marketing tool for your practice, driving traffic to your website and ultimately increasing your caseload. […]

The Relevance of Being Relevant

24 November 2020

As you all know, placing our practitioners first and providing relevant, engaging content is the core of our new strategy. […]